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last modified: October 06, 2009

05 decembre 08: éLECTRIPOCNIC @ Queen Kong Club

Experimental night at Queen Kong Club, Neuchatel with ./morfrom/. and Les poissons autistes. Visuals by éLECTRIPOCNIC.

DSCF5494_thumb.jpg DSCF5497_thumb.jpg DSCF5500_thumb.jpg
DSCF5501_thumb.jpg DSCF5503_thumb.jpg DSCF5510_thumb.jpg
DSCF5511_thumb.jpg DSCF5514_thumb.jpg DSCF5515_thumb.jpg
DSCF5516_thumb.jpg DSCF5517_thumb.jpg DSCF5518_thumb.jpg
DSCF5520_thumb.jpg DSCF5521_thumb.jpg DSCF5522_thumb.jpg
DSCF5524_thumb.jpg DSCF5526_thumb.jpg DSCF5527_thumb.jpg
DSCF5530_thumb.jpg DSCF5532_thumb.jpg DSCF5533_thumb.jpg
DSCF5535_thumb.jpg DSCF5537_thumb.jpg DSCF5538_thumb.jpg
DSCF5542_thumb.jpg PC057621_thumb.jpg PC067625_thumb.jpg
PC067626_thumb.jpg PC067628_thumb.jpg PC067629_thumb.jpg
PC067631_thumb.jpg PC067632_thumb.jpg